Great Papers in Computer Security

General Principles

  • The Protection of Information in Computer Systems pdf
  • Why Information Security is Hard pdf
  • Lessons from the Sony CD DRM Episode pdf


  • A Note on the Confinement Problem pdf
  • Authentication in distributed systems pdf
  • A decentralized model for information flow control pdf


  • New Directions in Cryptography pdf
  • A method for obtaining digital signatures and public-key cryptography pdf
  • Homomorphic Encryption from Learning with Errors: Conceptually-Simpler, Asymptotically-Faster, Attribute-Based pdf

SECURITY Protocols

  • A Logic of Authentication pdf
  • Prudent Engineering Practice for Cryptographic Protocols pdf
  • Breaking and fixing the Needham-Schroeder protocol using FDR pdf
  • Off-the-Record Communication, or, Why Not To Use PGP pdf
  • Why Cryptosystems Fail pdf
  • Analysis of an Electronic Voting System pdf

Memory attacks/Defences

  • Attacks and defenses for the vulnerability of the decade pdf
  • The Geometry of Innocent Flesh on the Bone: Return-into-libc without Function Calls (on the x86) pdf
  • Interpreter Exploitation pdf
  • Control Flow Integrity pdf
  • Native Client:  A Sandbox for Portable, Untrusted x86 Native Code pdf


  • Sound and precise analysis of Web applications for injection vulnerabilities pdf

Software ANalysis

  • BitBlaze: A New Approach to Computer Security via Binary Analysis pdf

Network Security

  • Intrusion Detection via Static Analysis pdf
  • Inferring Internet Denial-of-Service Activity pdf
  • Intercepting Mobile Communications: The Insecurity of 802.11 pdf
  • Tor: The Second-Generation Onion Router pdf


  • A Firm Foundation for Private Data Analysis pdf
  • Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System pdf


  • Remote Timing Attacks are Practical pdf
  • Keyboard Acoustic Emanations Revisited pdf
  • Introduction to differential power analysis pdf

Physical ATTACKS

  • Lest We Remember: Cold Boot Attacks on Encryption Keys pdf

Digital Forensics

  • Remembrance of Data Passed: A Study of Disk Sanitization Practices pdf

Usable Security

  • Password Security: A Case History pdf
  • The Emperor’s New Security Indicators pdf
  • Measuring Password Guessability for an Entire University pdf