Reading Seminar – List

2024-11-12Eunsoo Kim-
2024-11-05Soolin Kim-
2024-10-29Sanghak Oh-
2024-10-22Seungho Kim-
2024-10-15Yejin Do-
2024-10-08Heewon Baek-
2024-10-01Seyoung Jin-
2024-09-24Nivedita Singh-
2024-09-10Chaejin Lim-
2024-09-03Hyun Min Choi-
2024-08-27Woojin Jeon-
2024-08-20Jihun Kim-
2024-08-13Seonhye Park-
2024-08-06Taeyoung Kim -
2024-07-30Bedeuro Kim-
2024-07-23Giwon Lee-
2024-07-16Eun Jung-
2024-07-09Yena Cho-
2024-07-02Seonghyeon Song-
2024-06-25Beomjin Jin-
2024-06-18Jihun Kim-
2024-06-11--2024 1st semester final exam period
2024-06-04Seonhye ParkNivedita SinghOn the Usability of HTTPS Deployment
2024-05-28Bedeuro KimWoojin JeonAre we there yet? An Industrial Viewpoint on Provenance-based Endpoint Detection and Response Tools
2024-05-21Seungho KimSeonhye ParkCoca: Improving and Explaining Graph Neural Network-Based Vulnerability Detection Systems
2024-05-14--Esorics Review
2024-05-07Heewon BaekSoolin KimTransformer-Based Language Models for Software Vulnerability Detection
2024-04-30Seyoung JinHeewon BaekThe Influence of Human Factors on the Intention to Report Phishing Emails
2024-04-16Nivedita SinghSeonhye ParkThe Great Request Robbery: An Empirical Study of Client-side Request Hijacking Vulnerabilities on the Web
2024-04-09Sanghak OhWoojin Jeon``It Basically Started Using Me:'' An Observational Study of Password Manager Usage
2024-04-02Eun JungChaejin LimCodeAttack Code-Based Adversarial Attacks for Pre-trained Programming Language Models
2024-03-26Woojin JeonHeewon BaekSoundLock: A Novel User Authentication Scheme for VR Devices Using Auditory-Pupillary Response
2024-03-19Chaejin LimBeomjin JinExtending a Hand to Attackers: Browser Privilege Escalation Attacks via Extensions
2024-03-06Chanjong Lee-A Comprehensive Study of Learning-based Android Malware Detectors under Challenging Environments
2024-02-28Soolin KimSeungho KimDeepVD: Toward Class-Separation Features for Neural Network Vulnerability Detection
2024-02-21Taeyoung Kim -MASTERKEY: Automated Jailbreaking of Large Language Model Chatbots
2024-02-14Yejin DoWoojin JeonTeach LLMs to Phish: Stealing Private Information from Language Models
2024-02-07Hyun Min ChoiJihun KimGrote: Group Testing for Privacy-Preserving Face Identification
2024-01-24Beomjin JinTaeyoung Kim PSP-Mal: Evading Malware Detection via Prioritized Experience-based Reinforcement Learning with Shapley Prior
2024-01-10Eunsoo Kim-User Perceptions of Five-Word Passwords
2024-01-03Hyun Min ChoiNivedita SinghMultiparty Homomorphic Encryption from Ring-Learning-with-Errors
2023-12-27Kiho LeeSeonhye ParkMachine Unlearning
2023-12-20Sanghak OhWoojin JeonSpying through Your Voice Assistants: Realistic Voice Command Fingerprinting
2023-12-06Chanjong Lee-Zero-shot Adversarial Quantization
2023-11-29Jungkon KimHyun Min ChoiFlexRound: Learnable Rounding based on Element-wise Division for Post-Training Quantization
2023-11-22Daehoon KoSoolin KimTrust Dies in Darkness: Shedding Light on Samsungs TrustZone Keymaster Design
2023-11-08Chaejin LimWoojin JeonBitDance: Manipulating UART Serial Communication with IEMI
2023-11-01Nivedita SinghSoolin KimDarkDialogs: Automated detection of 10 dark patterns on cookie dialogs
2023-10-11Seyoung JinNivedita SinghComparing User Perceptions of Anti-Stalkerware Apps with the Technical Reality
2023-10-04Heewon BaekSanghak OhDetecting Cryptography Misuses With Machine Learning: Graph Embeddings, Transfer Learning and Data Augmentation in Source Code Related Tasks
2023-09-27Beomjin JinEunsoo KimLimits of I/O Based Ransomware Detection: An Imitation Based Attack
2023-09-20Seonhye ParkTaeyoung Kim Industrial practitioners' mental models of adversarial machine learning
2023-09-06Taeyoung Kim Kiho LeePelican: Exploiting Backdoors of Naturally Trained Deep Learning Models In Binary Code Analysis
2023-08-22Seungho KimJihun KimOptimized Privacy-Preserving CNN Inference With Fully Homomorphic Encryption
2023-08-08Yejin DoNivedita SinghAutomated Cookie Notice Analysis and Enforcement
2023-08-01Soolin KimTaeyoung Kim MVD: memory-related vulnerability detection based on flow-sensitive graph neural networks
2023-07-25Eunsoo KimKiho LeeLost at C: A User Study on the Security Implications of Large Language Model Code Assistants
2023-06-27Woojin JeonSeungho KimGoing Incognito in the Metaverse: Achieving Theoretically Optimal Privacy-Usability Tradeoffs in VR
2023-06-20Nivedita SinghYejin DoA US-UK Usability Evaluation of Consent Management Platform Cookie Consent Interface Design on Desktop and Mobile
2023-06-13Beomjin JinChaejin LimHumans vs. Machines in Malware Classification
2023-05-16Beomjin Jin-TIPCE: A Longitudinal Threat Intelligence Platform Comprehensiveness Analysis
2023-05-09Kiho LeeBeomjin JinAutoFR: Automated Filter Rule Generation for Adblocking
2023-05-02Bedeuro KimHeewon BaekDoes Knowledge Distillation Really Work?
2023-04-25Taeyoung Kim Soolin KimPeculiar: Smart Contract Vulnerability Detection Based on Crucial Data Flow Graph and Pre-training Techniques
2023-04-11Seonhye ParkKiho LeeMembership Inference Attacks by Exploiting Loss Trajectory
2023-04-04Chanjong LeeYurak ChoeHidden in Plain Sight: Exploring Encrypted Channels in Android Apps
2023-03-28Sanghak OhSeungho KimA Large-scale Investigation into Geodifferences in Mobile Apps
2023-03-21Soolin KimTaeyoung Kim Automating Cookie Consent and GDPR Violation Detection
2023-02-28Jeongyong ParkNivedita SinghLumos: Identifying and Localizing Diverse Hidden IoT Devices in an Unfamiliar Environment
2023-02-21Eunsoo KimKiho LeeUnderstanding and Detecting Remote Infection on Linux-based IoT Devices
2023-02-14Seyoung JinSeonhye ParkUsers' Perceptions of Chrome Compromised Credential Notification
2023-02-07Yejin DoEunsoo KimWatch Out for Race Condition Attacks When Using Android External Storage
2023-01-31Seungho KimNivedita SinghPrivacy Limitations of Interest-based Advertising on The Web: A Post-mortem Empirical Analysis of Google's FLoC
2023-01-17Chaejin LimSanghak OhPhishing URL Detection: A Network-based Approach Robust to Evasion
2023-01-10Yurak ChoeChanjong LeeRushmore: securely displaying static and animated images using TrustZone
2023-01-03Mohsen AliMinseo Park Time-Print: Authenticating USB Flash Drives with Novel Timing Fingerprints
2022-12-27Minseo ParkJeongyong ParkBehind the Scenes of RPKI
2022-12-27Heewon BaekKiho LeeCart-ology: Intercepting Targeted Advertising via Ad Network Identity Entanglement
2022-11-21Sanghak OhEunsoo KimExploring the Characteristics and Security Risks of Emerging Emoji Domain Names
2022-10-24Beomjin JinKiho LeeWobfuscator: Obfuscating JavaScript Malware via Opportunistic Translation to WebAssembly
2022-09-19Yejin DoSanghak OhA Study on Screen Logging Risks of Secure Keyboards of Android Financial Apps
2022-09-05Soolin KimTaeyoung Kim CodeReviewer: Pre-Training for Automating Code Review
2022-08-22Minseo ParkMohsen AliWeb Cache Deception Escalates!
2022-08-08Jaek YunChanjong LeeCENTRIS: A Precise and Scalable Approach for Identifying Modified Open-Source Software Reuse
2022-07-25Mohsen AliBedeuro KimMMAuth: A Continuous Authentication Framework on Smartphones Using Multiple Modalities
2022-07-18Seungho KimBeomjin JinWtaGraph: Web Tracking and Advertising Detection using Graph Neural Networks
2022-07-11Eunsoo Kim- Phishing in Organizations: Findings from a Large-Scale and Long-Term Study
2022-06-27Taeyoung Kim Soolin KimSODA: A Generic Online Detection Framework for Smart Contracts
2022-06-20Jeongyong ParkTaeyoung Kim What went wrong and when? Instance-wise feature importance for time-series black-box models
2022-06-13Seunghyun ParkSeonhye ParkMAZE: Data-Free Model Stealing Attack Using Zeroth-Order Gradient Estimation
2022-05-23Seonhye ParkSeunghyun ParkCopy, Right? A Testing Framework for Copyright Protection of Deep Learning Models
2022-05-16Chanjong LeeJaek YunDeepReflect: Discovering Malicious Functionality through Binary Reconstruction
2022-05-09Kiho LeeBedeuro KimA Lightweight IoT Cryptojacking Detection Mechanism in Heterogeneous Smart Home Networks
2022-05-02Bedeuro KimKiho LeeConstrained Concealment Attacks against Reconstruction-based Anomaly Detectors in Industrial Control Systems
2022-04-25Jeongyong ParkSeonhye ParkTime Series Anomaly Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Transfer Learning
2022-04-18Sanghak OhSeunghyun ParkET-BERT: A Contextualized Datagram Representation with Pre-training Transformers for Encrypted Traffic Classification
2022-04-04Soolin KimBeomjin JinAdGraph: A Graph-Based Approach to Ad and Tracker Blocking
2022-03-28Eunsoo KimBeomjin JinHelping hands: Measuring the impact of a large threat intelligence sharing community.
2022-03-15Bedeuro KimKiho LeeHAWatcher: Semantics-Aware Anomaly Detection for Appified Smart Homes.
2022-03-08Minwook LeeSanghak OhWhy Crypto-detectors Fail: A Systematic Evaluation of Cryptographic Misuse Detection Techniques
2022-02-22Beomjin JinEunsoo KimAn Inside Look into the Practice of Malware Analysis
2022-02-15Seunghyun ParkSeonhye ParkOn the Difficulty of Membership Inference Attacks
2022-02-08Taeyoung Kim Gilhee LeeETHBMC: A Bounded Model Checker for Smart Contracts
2022-01-25Yunhee JangChanjong LeeBlockchain Denial-of-Service
2022-01-11Jaek YunMinwook LeePDiff: Semantic-based Patch Presence Testing for Downstream Kernels
2022-01-04Seonhye ParkTaeyoung Kim MLCapsule: Guarded Offline Deployment of Machine Learning as a Service
2021-12-28Jusop ChoiEunsoo KimLocating the Security Patches for Disclosed OSS Vulnerabilities with Vulnerability-Commit Correlation Ranking
2021-12-21Jeongseok ChoiBeomjin JinBlack Widow: Blackbox Data-driven Web Scanning
2021-11-23Mohsen AliSanghak OhChaperone: Real-time Locking and Loss Prevention for Smartphones
2021-11-16Chanjong LeeYunhee JangACES: Automatic Compartments for Embedded Systems
2021-11-09Wonseok Jin--
2021-11-02Gilhee LeeYunhee JangSmart Contract Vulnerablilities: Vulnerable Does Not Imply Exploited
2021-10-26Sanghak OhSeonhye ParkNew Directions in Automated Traffic Analysis
2021-10-15Jeongseok Choi-Automatically Evading Classifiers
2021-09-28Minwook Lee-How Did That Get In My Phone? Unwanted App Distribution on Android Devices
2021-09-14Soolin KimJusop ChoiShadow Attacks: Hiding and Replacing Content in Signed PDFs
2021-09-07Bedeuro KimJeongyong ParkDompteur: Taming Audio Adversarial Examples
2021-09-03Mohsen AliEunsoo KimMulti-X: Identifying Multiple Authors from Source Code Files
2021-08-24Beomjin JinChanjong LeeObfuscation-Resilient Executable Payload Extraction From Packed Malware
2021-08-17Yunhee Jang-LaKSA: A Probabilistic Proof-of-Stake Protocol
2021-08-06Eunsoo KimMohsen AliPhishpedia: A Hybrid Deep Learning Based Approach to Visually Identify Phishing Webpages
2021-07-27Jusop ChoiBeomjin JinUnderstanding uses and misuses of similarity hashing functions for malware detection and family clustering in actual scenarios
2021-07-23Jaewan JohYunhee JangAdapting SecurityWarnings to Counter Online Disinformation
2021-07-13Seunghyun ParkJusop ChoiFinding Bugs Using Your Own Code: Detecting Functionally-similar yet Inconsistent Code
2021-07-06Chanjong LeeMin JangA Generic Technique for Automatically Finding Defense-Aware Code Reuse Attacks
2021-06-22Seonhye ParkGeumhwan ChoEffect of Mood, Location, Trust, and Presence of Others on Video-Based Social Authentication
2021-06-15Jeongyong ParkSoolin KimTEXTSHIELD: Robust Text Classification Based on Multimodal Embedding and Neural Machine Translation
2021-06-08Wonseok JinJeongseok ChoiCAN-ADF: The controller area network attack detection framework
2021-05-25Min JangTaegeun MoonPreventing Use-After-Free Attacks with Fast Forward Allocation
2021-05-18Gilhee LeeTaegeun MoonThe Art of The Scam: Demystifying Honeypots in Ethereum Smart Contracts
2021-05-11Taegeun MoonMinwook LeeExtracting Taint Specifications for JavaScript Libraries
2021-05-04Jeongseok ChoiWonseok JinOne Pixel Attack for Fooling Deep Neural Networks
2021-04-20Minwook LeeEunsoo KimOn the Insecurity of SMS One-Time Password Messages against Local Attackers in Modern Mobile Devices
2021-04-06Yunhee JangGilhee LeeBlockene: A High-throughput Blockchain Over Mobile Devices
2021-03-23Mohsen AliBedeuro KimIdentifying Child Users via Touchscreen Interactions
2021-03-16Beomjin JinSeunghyun ParkPrevalence and Impact of Low-Entropy Packing Schemes in the Malware Ecosystem
2021-03-09Soolin KimMinwook LeeAutomatic Uncovering of Hidden Behaviors From Input Validation in Mobile Apps
2021-03-02Eunsoo KimSanghak OhFINN: Fingerprinting Network Flows using Neural Networks
2021-02-16Jusop ChoiYunhee JangHarvey: A Greybox Fuzzer for Smart Contracts
2021-02-09Geumhwan ChoSoolin KimContinuous Authentication for Voice Assistants
2021-02-02Sanghak OhEunsoo KimFlowPrint: Semi-Supervised Mobile-App Fingerprinting on Encrypted Network Traffic
2021-01-19Bonha KooYunhee JangEstonian Electronic Identity Card: Security Flaws in Key Management
2021-01-12Bedeuro KimMohsen Ali"It's the Company, the Government, You and I": User Perceptions of Responsibility for Smart Home Privacy and Security.
2021-01-05Gilhee LeeYunhee JangBitcoin Lightweight Client Privacy using Trusted Execution
2020-12-30Jeongseok ChoiWonseok JinGIDS: GAN based Intrusion Detection System for In-Vehicle Network
2020-12-23Minwook LeeJusop ChoiCRYLOGGER: Detecting Crypto Misuses Dynamically
2020-12-08Yunhee JangGilhee LeeFlyClient: Super-Light Clients for Cryptocurrencies
2020-11-24Taegeun MoonBeomjin JinEverything Old is New Again: Binary Security of WebAssembly
2020-11-17Aishwarya Ram-VinayMohsen AliAdversarial Examples for Evaluating Reading Comprehension Systems
2020-11-10Bedeuro KimTaegeun MoonThe Web’s Identity Crisis: Understanding the Effectiveness of Website Identity Indicators
2020-11-03Mohsen AliAishwarya Ram-VinayAUToSen: Deep-Learning-Based Implicit Continuous Authentication Using Smartphone Sensors
2020-10-27Beomjin JinJusop ChoiMeasuring and Modeling the Label Dynamics of Online Anti-Malware Engines
2020-10-20Soolin KimMinwook LeeSecurity Analysis of Unified Payments Interface and Payment Apps in India
2020-10-13Jusop ChoiSoolin KimNot All Coverage Measurements Are Equal: Fuzzing by Coverage Accounting for Input Prioritization
2020-10-06Eunsoo KimBonha KooDetecting Fake Accounts in Online Social Networks at the Time of Registrations
2020-09-15Junsung ChoMohsen AliLiveness is Not Enough: Enhancing Fingerprint Authentication with Behavioral Biometrics to Defeat Puppet Attacks
2020-09-01Dongwon LeeYongwoo OhThat Was Then, This Is Now: A Security Evaluation of Password Generation, Storage, and Autofill in Browser-Based Password Managers
2020-08-25Hanbin JangTaegeun MoonYour Cache Has Fallen: Cache-Poisoned Denial-of-Service Attack
2020-08-11Wonseok JinHyunjae ChoiREAD: Reverse Engineering of Automotive Data Frames
2020-08-04Min JangMinwook LeeFANS: Fuzzing Android Native System Services via Automated Interface Analysis
2020-07-28Geumhwan ChoJusop ChoiWhen Malware is Packin' Heat; Limits of Machine Learning Classifiers Based on Static Analysis Features
2020-07-21Beomjin JinEunsoo KimNeurlux: Dynamic Malware Analysis Without Feature Engineering
2020-07-07Jusop ChoiTaegeun MoonIntriguer: Field-Level Constraint Solving for Hybrid Fuzzing
2020-06-24Junsung ChoMin JangTotal Recall: Persistence of Passwords in Android
2020-06-17Taegeun MoonHanbin JangHideNoSeek: Camouflaging Malicious JavaScript in Benign ASTs
2020-06-03Jeongseok ChoiMinwook LeeCryptoREX: Large-scale Analysis of Cryptographic Misuse in IoT Devices
2020-05-27Minwook LeeTaegeun MoonMaster of Web Puppets: Abusing Web Browsers for Persistent and Stealthy Computation
2020-05-20Seunghun ChaYunhee JangThe Anatomy of a Cryptocurrency Pump-and-Dump Scheme
2020-05-13Gitae IDongwon LeeSelf-encrypting deception: weaknesses in the encryption of solid state drives
2020-05-06Yunhee JangGilhee LeeFast Bootstrapping for Cryptocurrencies
2020-04-29Aishwarya Ram-VinayMohsen AliFake news on Twitter during the 2016 U.S. presidential election
2020-04-22Mohsen AliAishwarya Ram-VinayEchoLock: Towards Low Effort Mobile User Identification
2020-04-16Geumhwan ChoEunsoo KimThis PIN Can Be Easily Guessed: Analyzing the Security of Smartphone Unlock PINs
2020-04-08Gilhee LeeYunhee JangBEAT: Asynchronous BFT Made Practical
2020-04-01Eunsoo KimJusop ChoiCybersecurity Event Detection with New and Re-emerging
2020-03-25Heejun JangMohsen AliDEEPINTENT: Deep Icon-Behavior Learning for Detecting Intention-Behavior Discrepancy in Mobile Apps
2020-02-11Hanbin JangTaegeun MoonWatching You Watch: The Tracking Ecosystem of Over-the-Top TV Streaming Devices
2020-02-04Beomjin JinHanbin JangAIMED: Evolving Malware with Genetic Programming to Evade Detection
2020-01-28Mohsen AliTaegeun MoonEnd-to-End Measurements of Email Spoofing Attacks.
2020-01-21Heejun JangMinwook LeeDexMonitor: Dynamically Analyzing and Monitoring Obfuscated Android Applications
2020-01-14Geumhwan ChoHanbin JangDetecting and Characterizing Lateral Phishing at Scale
2020-01-07Jusop ChoiHeejun JangWhy is a Ravencoin Like a TokenDesk? An Exploration of Code Diversity in the Cryptocurrency Landscape
2019-12-31Junsung ChoEunsoo KimContinuous Authentication of Smartphones Based on Application Usage
2019-12-24Eunsoo KimBeomjin JinReading the Tea Leaves: A Comparative Analysis of Threat Intelligence
2019-12-17Seunghun ChaYunhee JangTokenScope: Automatically Detecting Inconsistent Behaviors of Cryptocurrency Tokens in Ethereum
2019-12-03Gitae I-Another Look on Bucketing Attack to Defeat White-Box Implementations
2019-11-26Minwook LeeTaegeun MoonBridgeTaint: A Bi-Directional Dynamic Taint Tracking Method for JavaScript Bridges in Android Hybrid Applications
2019-11-19Yunhee JangMaryam HashmiAnonymous Multi-Hop Locks for Blockchain Scalability and Interoperability
2019-11-05Jeongseok ChoiMinwook Lee1 Trillion Dollar Refund - How To Spoof PDF Signatures
2019-10-29Hanbin JangWoojoong JiPride and Prejudice in Progressive Web Apps: Abusing Native App-like Features in Web Applications
2019-10-08Soolin KimJunsung ChoShort text, Large Effect_Measuring the Impact of user reviews on android app security and privacy
2019-10-01Bedeuro KimMaryam HashmiA Usability Study of Five Two-Factor Authentication Methods
2019-09-24Woojoong JiMinwook LeeFinding Flaws from Password Authentication Code in Android Apps
2019-09-17Daehwa LeeYunhee JangCybercriminal Minds: An investigative study of cryptocurrency abuses in the Dark Web
2019-09-10Junhwi BaeSoolin KimLeaky Images: Targeted Privacy Attacks in the Web
2019-09-03Mohsen AliAishwarya Ram-VinayBreaking LTE on Layer Two
2019-08-27Yongwoo OhDongwon LeeGraphSE^2: An Encrypted Graph Database for Privacy-Preserving Social Search
2019-08-20Woojoong JiHanbin JangWhat Happens After You Leak Your Password Understanding Credential Sharing on Phishing Sites
2019-08-13Beomjin JinEunsoo KimEfficient Signature Generation for Classifying Cross-Architecture IoT Malware
2019-08-06Heejun JangDongsoon ShinAsm2Vec: Boosting Static Representation Robustness for Binary Clone Search against Code Obfuscation and Compiler Optimization
2019-07-30Junsung ChoEunsoo Kim"If you want, I can store the encrypted password." A Password-Storage Field Study with Freelance Developers
2019-07-16Yunhee JangHojoon RyuTracing Transactions Across Cryptocurrency Ledgers
2019-07-09Jusop ChoiBeomjin JinAutomating Patching of Vulnerable Open-Source Software Versions in Application Binaries
2019-07-02Soolin KimYunhee JangWe Value Your Privacy ... Now Take Some Cookies: Measuring the GDPR's Impact on Web Privacy
2019-06-25Eunsoo KimJusop ChoiCountering Malicious Processes with Process-DNS Association
2019-06-11Taeyun KimJunsung ChoDemystifying Hidden Privacy Settings in Mobile Apps
2019-06-04Wonseok ChoiBedeuro KimMonitoring Smart Home Apps from Encrypted Traffic
2019-05-28William AikenMohsen AliNeural Cleanse: Identifying and Mitigating Backdoor Attacks in Neural Networks
2019-05-21Dongsoon ShinHeejun Jang Exploiting Speculative Execution
2019-05-14Hanbin JangBeomjin Jin Are these Ads Safe: Detecting Hidden Attacks through the Mobile App-Web Interfaces
2019-05-10Gitae IDongsoon ShinDifferential Computation Analysis: Hiding your White-Box Designs is Not Enough
2019-04-30Geumhwan ChoBedeuro KimRethinking Access Control and Authentication for the Home Interner of Things (IoT)
2019-04-16Aishwarya Ram-VinayGeumhwan ChoA Tale of Two Studies: The Best and Worst of YubiKey Usability
2019-04-09Bedeuro KimWilliam AikenUnveiling and Quantifying Facebook Exploitation of Sensitive Personal Data for Advertising Purposes
2019-04-02Junhwi BaeAishwarya Ram-VinayEfail: Breaking S/MIME and OpenPGP Email Encryption using Exfiltration Channels
2019-03-26Yongwoo OhEunsoo KimRevealing and Detecting Malicious Retweeter Groups
2019-03-19Seok HongSoolin KimA Dynamic App Anti-Debugging Approach on Android ART Runtime
2019-03-12Daehwa LeeMohsen AliBitcoin-NG: A Scalable Blockchain Protocol
2019-02-22Woojoong JiJunsung ChoSource Attribution of Cryptographic API Misuse in Android Applications
2019-02-22Beomjin JinJusop ChoiCountering Android Malware: A Scalable Semi-Supervised Approach for Family-Signature Generation
2019-02-01Dongsoon ShinJunhwi BaeDriller: Augmenting Fuzzing Through Selective Symbolic Execution
2019-01-25William AikenMohsen AliObfuscated Gradients Give a False Sense of Security: Circumventing Defenses to Adversarial Examples
2019-01-18Soolin KimHeejun JangPrecise and Accurate Patch Presence Test for Binaries
2019-01-11Wonseok ChoiEunsoo KimMystique: Uncovering Information Leakage from Browser Extensions
2019-01-04Heejun JangJusop ChoiComplete, High-Assurance Determination of Loop Bounds and Infeasible Paths for WCET Analysis
2018-12-11Teakkyung OhBeomjin JinBlackIoT: IoT Botnet of High Wattage Devices Can Disrupt the Power Grid
2018-12-04Geumhwan ChoMohsen AliActive Authentication on Mobile Devices via Stylometry, Application Usage, Web Browsing, and GPS Location
2018-11-27Seungjin LeeTeakkyung OhSkill Squatting Attacks on Amazon Alexa
2018-11-20Taeyun KimBedeuro KimOn the Accuracy of Password Strength Meters
2018-11-13Kuyju KimHeejun JangJN-SAF: Precise and Efficient NDK/JNI-aware Inter-language Static Analysis Framework ..
2018-11-06Eunsoo KimWilliam Aiken“What was that site doing with my Facebook password?” Designing Password-Reuse Notifications
2018-10-30Jusop ChoiTeakkyung OhMoonShine: Optimizing OS Fuzzer Seed Selection with Trace Distillation
2018-10-02Daehwa LeeBedeuro KimOn the Security and Performance of Proof of Work Blockchains
2018-09-18Junsung ChoBeomjin JinAway From Prying Eyes: Analyzing Usage and Understanding of Private Browsing
2018-09-11Seok HongJusop ChoiTackling runtime-based obfuscation in Android with TIRO
2018-08-28Woojoong JiBeomjin JinThe Wolf of Name Street: Hijacking Domains Through Their Nameservers
2018-08-21Dongsoon ShinJusop ChoiPrecise and Scalable Detection of Double-Fetch Bugs in OS Kernels
2018-08-14Beomjin JinSeungjin LeeRemoving Secrets from Android's TLS
2018-08-07William Aiken-Embedding Watermarks into Deep Neural Networks
2018-07-31Taeyun KimGeumhwan ChoGuidedPass: Helping Users to Create Strong and Memorable Passwords
2018-07-24Wonseok ChoiGeumhwan ChoAWare: Preventing Abuse of Privacy-Sensitive Sensors via Operation Bindings
2018-07-17Teakkyung OhYongwoo OhDeWiCam: Detecting Hidden Wireless Cameras via Smartphones
2018-07-10Heejun JangDongsoon ShinRamblr: Making Reassembly Great Again
2018-07-03Soolin KimKuyju KimReliable Third-Party Library Detection in Android and its Security Applications
2018-06-25Moongyu JungSeok HongTowards On-Device Non-Invasive Mobile Malware Analysis for ART
2018-06-18Kuyju KimSoolin KimARTist: The Android Runtime Instrumentation and Security Toolkit
2018-05-28Eunsoo KimHeejun JangCode-Reuse Attacks for the Web: Breaking Cross-Site Scripting Mitigations via Script Gadgets
2018-05-21Jusop ChoiWoojoong JiZEUS: Analyzing Safety of Smart Contracts
2018-05-14Junsung ChoTaeyun KimSafeKeeper: Protecting Web Passwords using Trusted Execution Environments
2018-05-10Geumhwan ChoWonseok ChoiVoiceLive: A Phoneme Localization based Liveness Detection for Voice Authentication on Smartphones
2018-04-30Mohsen AliYuri Son6thSense: A Context-aware Sensor-based Attack Detector for Smart Devices
2018-04-16Yongwoo OhTeakkyung OhBlue Note: How Intentional Acoustic Interference Damages Availability and Integrity in Hard Disk Drives and Operating Systems
2018-04-09Yuri SonMohsen AliSmartAuth: User-Centered Authorization for the Internet of Things
2018-04-02Seungjin LeeGeumhwan ChoAuthentication on the Go: Assessing the Effect of Movement on Mobile Device Keystroke Dynamics
2018-03-26Heejun JangEunsoo KimData Breaches, Phishing, or Malware? Understanding the Risks of Stolen Credentials
2018-03-19Teakkyung OhWilliam AikenRocking Drones with International Sound Noise on Gyroscopic Sensors
2018-03-12Soolin KimWoojoong JiLife after App Uninstallation: Are the Data Still Alive? Data Residue Attacks on Android
2018-02-20Seungjin LeeTaeyun KimDesign and Evaluation of a Data-Driven Password Meter
2018-02-13Kuyju KimBeomjin JinAUTHSCOPE: Towards Automatic Discovery of Vulnerable Authorizations in Online Services
2018-02-06Munkhzorig DorjmyagmarDongsoon ShinBreaking Ad-hoc Runtime Integrity Protection Mechanisms in Android Financial Apps
2018-01-30Sangmin LeeHeejun JangA Stitch in Time Supporting Android Developers in Writing Secure Code
2018-01-23Eunsoo KimWonseok ChoiDetecting Credential Spearphishing in Enterprise Settings
2018-01-16Jusop ChoiHeejun JangFuzzing with Code Fragments
2018-01-09Junsung ChoMahdi DaghmehchiDiversify to Survive: Making Passwords Stronger with Adaptive Policies
2018-01-02Geumhwan ChoSoolin KimTowards Baselines for Shoulder Surfing on Mobile Authentication
2017-12-26Jihyeon RyuKuyju KimRiskTeller: Predicting the Risk of Cyber Incidents
2017-12-12Sungsu KwakSeungjin Leezxcvbn : Low-Budget Password Strength Estimation
2017-12-05Beomjin JinTaekgeun MoonA Privacy Analysis of Cross-device Tracking
2017-11-28Taekgeun MoonBeomjin JinBootStomp: On the Security of Bootloaders in Mobile Devices
2017-11-21William AikenGeumhwan ChoFast, Lean, and Accurate: Modeling Password Guessability Using Neural Networks
2017-11-14Taeyun KimJihyeon RyuEnsuring Authorized Updates in Multi-user Database-Backed Applications
2017-10-31Wonseok ChoiTaekgeun MoonPractical Keystroke Timing Attacks in Sandboxed JavaScript
2017-10-17Donghoon LeeWilliam AikenIMF: Inferred Model-based Fuzzer
2017-10-10Eunsoo KimJusop ChoiunCaptcha: A Low-Resource Defeat of reCaptcha’s Audio Challenge
2017-09-26Soyoung KimTaeyun KimPoisoning Network Visibility in Software-Defined Networks: New Attacks and Countermeasures
2017-09-19Jinwoo KimEunsoo KimExtension Breakdown: Security Analysis of Browsers Extension Resources Control Policies
2017-09-12Sangjun KoWonseok ChoiStay Cool! Understanding Thermal Attacks on Mobile-based User Authentication
2017-09-05Jusop ChoiMahdi DaghmehchiDeTor: Provably Avoiding Geographic Regions in Tor
2017-08-29Junsung ChoGeumhwan ChoUser Interactions and Permission Use on Android
2017-08-22Mahdi DaghmehchiSoyoung KimThe Onions Have Eyes: A Comprehensive Structure and Privacy Analysis of Tor Hidden Services
2017-08-08Geumhwan ChoSeungjin LeeItus: An Implicit Authentication Framework for Android.
2017-08-01Soolin KimGeumhwan ChoAll your browser-saved passwords could belong to us: a security analysis and a cloud-based new design
2017-07-25Seungjin LeeSoyoung KimProtecting Insecure Communications with Topology-aware Network Tunnels
2017-07-18Kuyju KimJinwoo KimThe Password Reset MitM Attack
2017-07-11Hyunjae ChoiSoolin KimCloak and Dagger: From Two Permissions to Complete Control of the UI Feedback Loop
2017-07-04Munkhzorig DorjmyagmarMahdi DaghmehchiDrammer: Deterministic Rowhammer Attacks on Mobile Platforms
2017-06-26Sora LeeJaewoo ParkFake Co-visitation Injection Attacks to Recommender Systems
2017-06-19Jaewoo ParkSeunghun ChaHijacking Bitcoin: Routing Attacks on Cryptocurrencies
2017-06-12Sangmin LeeSeungjin LeeCross processor cache attacks
2017-06-05Heejun JangMahdi DaghmehchiHello from the Other Side: SSH over Robust Cache Covert Channels in the Cloud
2017-05-29Teakkyung OhSoolin KimThe Sounds of the Phones: Dangers of Zero-Effort Second Factor Login based on Ambient Audio
2017-05-15Moongyu JungSangjun KoPayBreak : Defense Against Cryptographic Ransomware
2017-05-08Yuri SonJusop ChoiBinSequence: Fast, Accurate and Scalable Binary Code Reuse Detection
2017-05-01Stepan DvorakSoyoung KimAd Injection at Scale: Assessing Deceptive Advertisement Modifications
2017-05-01Soolin KimHeejun JangPassword Manager : Attacks and Defenses
2017-04-17Seungjin LeeTeakkyung Ohk-fingerprinting: A Robust Scalable Website Fingerprinting Technique
2017-04-10Kuyju KimJusop ChoiForensic investigation of OneDrive, Box, GoogleDrive and Dropbox applications on Android and iOS devices
2017-04-03Sangmin LeeJinwoo KimOn Demystifying the Android Application Framework: Re-Visiting Android Permission Specification Analysis
2017-03-27MinChang KimMahdi DaghmehchiKEH-Gait: Towards a Mobile Healthcare User Authentication System by Kinetic Energy Harvesting
2017-03-20Eunsoo KimKuyju KimMind your SMSes: Mitigating social engineering in second factor authentication
2017-03-13Soyoung KimSangmin LeeProtecting Privacy of BLE Device Users
2017-03-06Sangjun KoSoolin KimScalable Graph-based Bug Search for Firmware Images
2017-02-24Hyunjae ChoiSeunghun ChaExploiting Content Delivery Networks for covert channel communications
2017-02-15Jinwoo KimEunsoo KimTo Befriend Or Not? A Model of Friend Request Acceptance on Facebook
2017-02-01Jaewoo ParkSeungjin LeeStubborn Mining: Generalizing Selfish Mining and Combining with an Eclipse Attack
2017-01-25Sora LeeJinwoo KimAuthentication of LZ-77 Compressed Data
2017-01-18Jusop ChoiMahdi DaghmehchiCocaine Noodles: Exploiting the Gap between Human and Machine Speech Recognition
2017-01-11Junsung ChoSeunghun ChaUsing Reflexive Eye Movements for Fast Challenge-Response Authentication
2017-01-04Geumhwan ChoMunkhzorig DorjmyagmarI Am Robot: (Deep) Learning to Break Semantic Image CAPTCHAs
2016-12-28Mahdi DaghmehchiMinChang KimBabelCrypt: The Universal Encryption Layer for Mobile Messaging Applications
2016-12-22Seunghun ChaSora LeeInferring User Routes and Locations using Zero-Permission Mobile Sensors
2016-12-08Munkhzorig DorjmyagmarMahdi DaghmehchiStatistical Deobfuscation of Android Applications
2016-12-01MinChang KimMahdi DaghmehchiTaintART: A Practical Multi-level Information-Flow Tracking System for Android RunTime
2016-11-24Eunsoo KimSora LeeEvaluation of Personalized Security Indicators as an Anti-Phishing Mechanism for Smartphone Applications.
2016-11-17Soyoung KimJaegwan YuExit from Hell? Reducing the Impact of Amplification DDoS Attacks
2016-11-03Hyunjae ChoiSanghak OhA Comprehensive Measurement Study of Domain Generating Malware
2016-10-20Jinwoo KimJaewoo ParkLooking at the Bag is not Enough to Find the Bomb: An Evasion of Structural Methods for Malicious PDF Files Detection
2016-10-13Sangjun KoGeumhwan ChoUnderstanding Password Choices: How Frequently Entered Passwords are Re-used Across Websites
2016-10-06Jaewoo ParkJinwoo KimA data hiding method based on information sharing via PNG images for applications of color image authentication and metadata emb
2016-09-29Sora LeeJunsung ChoI Think They're Trying to Tell Me Something: Advice Sources and Selection for Digital Security
2016-09-22Jaegwan YuJusop ChoiThe Remote Malicious Butler Did It!
2016-09-08Junsung ChoSoyoung KimHidden Voice Commands
2016-08-23Geumhwan ChoMinChang KimAsk Me Again But Don't Annoy Me: Evaluating Re-authentication Strategies for Smartphones
2016-08-16Mahdi DaghmehchiHyunjae ChoiAn Experimental Study of TLS Forward Secrecy Deployments
2016-08-09Seunghun ChaJaewoo ParkFingerIO: Using Active Sonar for Fine-Grained Finger Tracking
2016-08-02Sanghak OhMahdi DaghmehchiOn Scalability of Software-Defined Networking
2016-07-19Jusop Choi-Security Analysis of Emerging Smart Home Applications
2016-07-12Kyungwon ParkSeunghun ChaLast-Level Cache Side-Channel Attacks are Practical
2016-07-05Jaegwan YuSangjun KoProtocol State Fuzzing of TLS Implementations
2016-06-28Geumhwan ChoJinwoo KimUse the Force: Evaluating Force-Sensitive Authentication for Mobile Devices
2016-06-14Jaewoo ParkGeumhwan ChoResults and Lessons Learned from a User Study of Display Effectiveness with Experienced Cyber Security Network Analysts
2016-06-07Joonghwan LeeMahdi DaghmehchiLithe: Lightweight Secure CoAP for the Internet of Things
2016-05-31Seunghun ChaKyungwon ParkGyrophone: Recognizing Speech from Gyroscope Signals
2016-05-24Sanghak OhHyunjae ChoiThe Myth of the Average User: Improving Privacy and Security Systems through Individualization
2016-05-17Junsung ChoEunsoo Kim-
2016-05-17Sora LeeMinChang KimI Do Not Know What You Visited Last Summer: Protecting Users from Third-party Web Tracking with TrackingFree Browser
2016-05-03Mahdi DaghmehchiJunsung ChoImperfect Forward Secrecy: How Diffie-Hellman Fails in Practice
2016-04-26Sangjun KoSora LeeWebWitness: Investigating, Categorizing, and Mitigating Malware Download Paths
2016-04-12Jinwoo KimChansu SuhA Search Engine Backed by Internet-Wide Scanning
2016-04-05Eunsoo KimSanghak OhThe Clock is Still Ticking: Timing Attacks in the Modern Web
2016-03-29Jinmok KimSangjun KoSKEE: A Lightweight Secure Kernel-level Execution Environment for ARM
2016-03-22Kyungwon ParkSeunghun ChaA Comprehensive Study of Frequency, Interference, and Training of Multiple Graphical Passwords
2016-03-15Soyoung KimEunsoo KimYour Location has been Shared 5,398 Times! A Field Study on Mobile App Privacy Nudging
2016-03-09Hyunjae ChoiSora LeeIt's Free for a Reason: Exploring the Ecosystem of Free Live Streaming Services
2016-03-02Jusop ChoiSangjun KoMobiflage: Deniable Storage Encryption for Mobile Devices
2016-02-17Jaegwan YuHyunjae ChoiAttacking the Network Time Protocol
2016-02-03Kyungwon ParkJaewoo ParkWho Are You? A Statistical Approach to Measuring User Authenticity
2016-01-27Jinwoo KimJunsung ChoFace/Off: Preventing Privacy Leakage From Photos in Social Networks
2016-01-20Seunghun ChaSanghak OhScreenmilker: How to Milk Your Android Screen for Secrets
2016-01-13Soyoung KimKyungwon Park-
2016-01-06Junsung ChoJinwoo KimAttacks on Public WLAN-based Positioning Systems
2015-12-30Sangjun KoSeunghun ChaHELDROID: Dissecting and Detecting Mobile Ransomware
2015-12-23Sanghak OhSora LeeMonte Carlo Strength Evaluation: Fast and Reliable Password Checking
2015-12-09Mahdi DaghmehchiJaewoo ParkGNFC: Towards Network Function Cloudification
2015-12-02EunHyun KimSeunghun ChaWhen Firmware Modifications Attack: A Case Study of Embedded Exploitation
2015-11-25Geumhwan ChoJaewoo ParkDelayed-Dictionary Compression for Packet Networks
2015-11-11Kyungwon ParkSeongyeol Oh-
2015-11-04Joonghwan LeeMahdi DaghmehchiDelegation-based Authentication and Authorization for the IP-based Internet of Things
2015-10-28Jinmok KimSeunghun ChaEvaluating the Effectiveness of Current Anti-ROP Defenses
2015-10-07Jusop ChoiSeongyeol OhHacking Blind
2015-09-23Jaegwan YuKyungwon ParkUsing Hardware Features for Increased Debugging Transparency
2015-09-16Junsung ChoJaewoo ParkOn the Impact of Touch ID on iPhone Passcodes
2015-09-09Geumhwan ChoEunHyun KimTowards Reliable Storage of 56-bit Secrets in Human Memory
2015-09-02Seunghun ChaSeongyeol OhPowerSpy: Location Tracking using Mobile Device Power Analysis
2015-08-25Sanghak OhJunsung ChoCrying Wolf? On the Price Discrimination of Online Airline Tickets
2015-08-11Jaewoo ParkMahdi Daghmehchi-
2015-07-21Mahdi DaghmehchiSora Lee-
2015-07-14Yunseok ChoiSeunghun ChaWhat the App is That? Deception and Countermeasures in the Android User Interface
2015-07-07EunHyun KimSanghak OhCharacterizing hypervisor vulnerabilities in cloud computing servers
2015-06-30Sora LeeJaegwan YuAutomatically Detecting Vulnerable Websites Before They Turn Malicious
2015-06-23Seongyeol OhJusop ChoiBlanket Execution: Dynamic Similarity Testing for Program Binaries and Components
2015-06-10Sungsu KwakSeongyeol Oh-
2015-06-03Joonghwan LeeGeumhwan Cho-
2015-05-27Jinmok KimKyungwon Park-
2015-05-20Yunseok ChoiSanghak Oh-
2015-05-06Junsung ChoGeumhwan Cho-
2015-04-29Geumhwan ChoSeongyeol Oh-
2015-04-15Mahdi DaghmehchiKyungwon Park-
2015-04-08Jaegwan YuSeongyeol Oh-
2015-04-01Seunghun ChaSungsu Kwak-
2015-03-25EunHyun KimYunseok Choi-
2015-03-11Sanghak OhMahdi Daghmehchi-
2015-02-25Kyungwon ParkJaegwan Yu-
2015-02-17Youngbae SongSungsu Kwak-
2015-01-28Jina KangGeumhwan Cho-
2015-01-21Seongyeol OhJusop Choi-
2015-01-14Jaegwan YuYunseok Choi-
2014-12-31Youngbae SongEunHyun Kim-
2014-12-23Kyungwon ParkJunsung Cho-
2014-12-02Geumhwan ChoJina Kang-
2014-11-25Seongyeol OhKyungwon Park-
2014-11-18Mahdi DaghmehchiJaegwan Yu-
2014-11-07Jusop ChoiSanghak OhCookieless Monster: Exploring the Ecosystem of Web-based Device Fingerprinting
2014-10-28Sungsu KwakSeunghun Cha-
2014-09-24Yunseok ChoiKyungwon Park-
2014-09-17Seunghun ChaSeongyeol Oh-
2014-09-11EunHyun KimGeumhwan Cho-
2014-09-04Sanghak OhJaegwan Yu-
2014-08-20Jina KangKyungwon Park-