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Eunsoo Kim1820
Beomjin Jin1516
Soolin Kim1514
Sanghak Oh1312
Bedeuro Kim87
Chanjong Lee64
Seonhye Park57
Taeyoung Kim 57
Yejin Do41
Kiho Lee38
Nivedita Singh35
Seungho Kim33
Chaejin Lim32
Woojin Jeon24
Heewon Baek22
Hyun Min Choi21
Seyoung Jin20
Daehoon Ko10
Jungkon Kim10
Eun Jung10
Jihun Kim02


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24.1.24Beomjin JinTaeyoung Kim PSP-Mal: Evading Malware Detection via Prioritized Experience-based Reinforcement Learning with Shapley Prior
24.2.7Hyun Min ChoiJihun KimGrote: Group Testing for Privacy-Preserving Face Identification
24.2.14Yejin DoWoojin JeonTeach LLMs to Phish: Stealing Private Information from Language Models
24.2.21Taeyoung Kim -MASTERKEY: Automated Jailbreaking of Large Language Model Chatbots
24.2.28Soolin KimSeungho KimDeepVD: Toward Class-Separation Features for Neural Network Vulnerability Detection
24.3.6Chanjong Lee-A Comprehensive Study of Learning-based Android Malware Detectors under Challenging Environments
24.3.19Chaejin LimBeomjin JinExtending a Hand to Attackers: Browser Privilege Escalation Attacks via Extensions
24.3.26Woojin JeonHeewon BaekSoundLock: A Novel User Authentication Scheme for VR Devices Using Auditory-Pupillary Response
24.4.2Eun JungChaejin LimCodeAttack Code-Based Adversarial Attacks for Pre-trained Programming Language Models
24.4.9Sanghak OhWoojin Jeon``It Basically Started Using Me:'' An Observational Study of Password Manager Usage
24.4.16Nivedita SinghSeonhye ParkThe Great Request Robbery: An Empirical Study of Client-side Request Hijacking Vulnerabilities on the Web
24.4.30Seyoung JinHeewon BaekThe Influence of Human Factors on the Intention to Report Phishing Emails
24.5.7Heewon Baek-
24.5.14Bedeuro Kim-
24.5.21Seungho Kim-
24.5.28Seonhye Park-
24.6.4Daehoon Ko-
24.6.11Jungkon Kim-
24.6.18Jihun Kim-