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Geumhwan Cho1513
Junsung Cho148
Jusop Choi1213
Eunsoo Kim1012
Seunghun Cha910
Soolin Kim77
Beomjin Jin68
Mohsen Ali47
Hanbin Jang44
Yunhee Jang35
Aishwarya Ram-Vinay33
Yongwoo Oh32
Gitae I30
Minwook Lee25
Bedeuro Kim24
Jeongseok Choi20
Taegeun Moon16
Dongwon Lee12
Gilhee Lee11
Min Jang11
Wonseok Jin10
Maryam Hashmi03


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20.6.24Junsung ChoMin JangTotal Recall: Persistence of Passwords in Android
20.7.7Jusop ChoiTaegeun MoonIntriguer: Field-Level Constraint Solving for Hybrid Fuzzing
20.7.21Beomjin JinEunsoo KimNeurlux: Dynamic Malware Analysis Without Feature Engineering
20.7.28Geumhwan ChoJusop ChoiWhen Malware is Packin' Heat; Limits of Machine Learning Classifiers Based on Static Analysis Features
20.8.4Min JangMinwook LeeFANS: Fuzzing Android Native System Services via Automated Interface Analysis
20.8.11Wonseok JinHyunjae ChoiREAD: Reverse Engineering of Automotive Data Frames
20.8.25Hanbin JangTaegeun MoonYour Cache Has Fallen: Cache-Poisoned Denial-of-Service Attack
20.9.1Dongwon LeeYongwoo OhThat Was Then, This Is Now: A Security Evaluation of Password Generation, Storage, and Autofill in Browser-Based Password Managers
20.9.15Junsung Cho-Liveness is Not Enough: Enhancing Fingerprint Authentication with Behavioral Biometrics to Defeat Puppet Attacks
20.9.22Eunsoo Kim-Detecting Fake Accounts in Online Social Networks at the Time of Registrations
20.9.29Jusop Choi--
20.10.6Soolin Kim--
20.10.13Beomjin Jin--
20.10.20Mohsen Ali--
20.10.27Bedeuro Kim--
20.11.3Aishwarya Ram-Vinay--
20.11.10Yongwoo Oh--
20.11.17Yunhee Jang--
20.11.24Minwook Lee--
20.12.1Jeongseok Choi--
20.12.8Taegeun Moon--
20.12.15Gilhee Lee--