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Eunsoo Kim1517
Soolin Kim1211
Beomjin Jin1114
Mohsen Ali912
Sanghak Oh910
Yunhee Jang711
Bedeuro Kim77
Minwook Lee69
Seonhye Park34
Chanjong Lee33
Seunghyun Park33
Wonseok Jin32
Jeongyong Park31
Taeyoung Kim 23
Jaek Yun21
Kiho Lee13
Yejin Do10
Seungho Kim10
Minseo Park10
Yurak Choe00
Heewon Baek00
Seyoung Jin00
Nivedita Singh00
Chaejin Lim00


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22.6.27Taeyoung Kim Soolin KimSODA: A Generic Online Detection Framework for Smart Contracts
22.7.11Eunsoo Kim- Phishing in Organizations: Findings from a Large-Scale and Long-Term Study
22.7.18Seungho KimBeomjin JinWtaGraph: Web Tracking and Advertising Detection using Graph Neural Networks
22.7.25Mohsen AliBedeuro KimMMAuth: A Continuous Authentication Framework on Smartphones Using Multiple Modalities
22.8.8Jaek YunChanjong LeeCENTRIS: A Precise and Scalable Approach for Identifying Modified Open-Source Software Reuse
22.8.22Minseo ParkMohsen AliWeb Cache Deception Escalates!
22.9.5Soolin KimTaeyoung Kim CodeReviewer: Pre-Training for Automating Code Review
22.9.19Yejin DoSanghak OhA Study on Screen Logging Risks of Secure Keyboards of Android Financial Apps
22.9.26Beomjin JinKiho LeeWobfuscator: Obfuscating JavaScript Malware via Opportunistic Translation to WebAssembly
22.10.3Sanghak Oh--
22.10.7Minwook Lee--