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Jusop Choi1517
Junsung Cho148
Eunsoo Kim1315
Soolin Kim1010
Beomjin Jin910
Mohsen Ali811
Sanghak Oh87
Yunhee Jang611
Minwook Lee58
Bedeuro Kim55
Jeongseok Choi51
Gilhee Lee43
Wonseok Jin32
Min Jang22
Chanjong Lee21
Jeongyong Park11
Seunghyun Park11
Seonhye Park11
Jaek Yun00
Taeyoung Kim 00


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21.9.3Mohsen AliEunsoo KimMulti-X: Identifying Multiple Authors from Source Code Files
21.9.7Bedeuro KimJeongyong ParkDompteur: Taming Audio Adversarial Examples
21.9.14Soolin KimJusop ChoiShadow Attacks: Hiding and Replacing Content in Signed PDFs
21.9.28Minwook Lee-How Did That Get In My Phone? Unwanted App Distribution on Android Devices
21.10.15Jeongseok Choi-Automatically Evading Classifiers
21.10.26Sanghak OhSeonhye ParkNew Directions in Automated Traffic Analysis
21.11.2Gilhee LeeYunhee JangSmart Contract Vulnerablilities: Vulnerable Does Not Imply Exploited
21.11.9Wonseok Jin--
21.11.16Chanjong LeeYunhee JangACES: Automatic Compartments for Embedded Systems
21.11.23Mohsen Ali-Chaperone: Real-time Locking and Loss Prevention for Smartphones
21.12.14Jeongseok ChoiBeomjin JinBlack Widow: Blackbox Data-driven Web Scanning
21.12.21Jusop Choi--
21.12.28Seonhye Park--
22.1.4Jaek Yun--
22.1.11Yunhee Jang--
22.1.18Taeyoung Kim --
22.1.25Seunghyun Park--
22.2.1Beomjin Jin--
22.2.8Minwook Lee--
22.2.15Bedeuro Kim--
22.2.22Gilhee Lee--