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Eunsoo Kim1820
Beomjin Jin1616
Soolin Kim1515
Sanghak Oh1312
Bedeuro Kim97
Seonhye Park69
Chanjong Lee64
Taeyoung Kim 58
Seungho Kim43
Yejin Do42
Kiho Lee38
Nivedita Singh36
Heewon Baek33
Chaejin Lim32
Seyoung Jin30
Woojin Jeon25
Hyun Min Choi21
Jihun Kim13
Daehoon Ko10
Jungkon Kim10
Eun Jung10
Seonghyeon Song10
Yena Cho10
Giwon Lee00
Heesung Jeong00
Sukyeong Bang00


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24.4.30Seyoung JinHeewon BaekThe Influence of Human Factors on the Intention to Report Phishing Emails
24.5.7Heewon BaekSoolin KimTransformer-Based Language Models for Software Vulnerability Detection
24.5.14--Esorics Review
24.5.21Seungho KimSeonhye ParkCoca: Improving and Explaining Graph Neural Network-Based Vulnerability Detection Systems
24.5.28Bedeuro KimWoojin JeonAre we there yet? An Industrial Viewpoint on Provenance-based Endpoint Detection and Response Tools
24.6.4Seonhye ParkNivedita SinghOn the Usability of HTTPS Deployment
24.6.11--2024 1st semester final exam period
24.6.18Jihun KimSeonhye ParkHE3DB: An Efficient and Elastic Encrypted Database Via Arithmetic-And-Logic Fully Homomorphic Encryption
24.7.9Beomjin JinYejin DoPackGenome: Automatically Generating Robust YARA Rules for Accurate Malware Packer Detection
24.7.16Seonghyeon SongTaeyoung Kim FSAFlow: Lightweight and Fast Dynamic Path Tracking and Control for Privacy Protection on Android Using Hybrid Analysis with State-Reduction Strategy
24.7.23Yena ChoJihun KimVision Transformer Adapter for dense predictions
24.7.30Eun JungYejin DoVGX: Large-Scale Sample Generation for Boosting Learning-Based Software Vulnerability Analyses
24.8.6Giwon Lee-
24.8.13Bedeuro Kim-
24.8.20Taeyoung Kim -
24.8.27Seonhye Park-
24.9.3Jihun Kim-
24.9.10Woojin Jeon-
24.9.24Hyun Min Choi-
24.10.1Chaejin Lim-
24.10.8Nivedita Singh-
24.10.15Seyoung Jin-
24.10.22Heewon Baek-