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Geumhwan Cho1613
Jusop Choi1415
Junsung Cho148
Eunsoo Kim1213
Seunghun Cha910
Soolin Kim99
Beomjin Jin89
Sanghak Oh77
Mohsen Ali610
Yunhee Jang58
Bedeuro Kim45
Aishwarya Ram-Vinay44
Hanbin Jang44
Minwook Lee37
Gitae I30
Jeongseok Choi30
Taegeun Moon27
Gilhee Lee23
Dongwon Lee12
Min Jang11
Wonseok Jin11
Maryam Hashmi03
Seunghyun Park01
Jeongyong Park00
Chanjong Lee00
Seonhae Park00
Jaewan Joh00


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21.1.13Bedeuro KimMohsen Ali"It's the Company, the Government, You and I": User Perceptions of Responsibility for Smart Home Privacy and Security.
21.1.20Bonha KooYunhee JangEstonian Electronic Identity Card: Security Flaws in Key Management
21.2.3Sanghak OhEunsoo KimFlowPrint: Semi-Supervised Mobile-App Fingerprinting on Encrypted Network Traffic
21.2.10Geumhwan ChoSoolin KimContinuous Authentication for Voice Assistants
21.2.17Jusop ChoiYunhee JangHarvey: A Greybox Fuzzer for Smart Contracts
21.3.3Eunsoo KimSanghak OhFINN: Fingerprinting Network Flows using Neural Networks
21.3.10Soolin KimMinwook LeeAutomatic Uncovering of Hidden Behaviors From Input Validation in Mobile Apps
21.3.17Beomjin JinSeunghyun ParkPrevalence and Impact of Low-Entropy Packing Schemes in the Malware Ecosystem
21.3.24Mohsen AliBedeuro KimIdentifying Child Users via Touchscreen Interactions
21.4.7Yunhee JangGilhee LeeBlockene: A High-throughput Blockchain Over Mobile Devices
21.4.14Minwook LeeEunsoo KimOn the Insecurity of SMS One-Time Password Messages against Local Attackers in Modern Mobile Devices
21.4.21Jeongseok Choi--
21.4.28Taegeun Moon--
21.5.12Gilhee Lee--
21.5.19Hyunjae Choi--
21.5.26Min Jang--
21.6.2Wonseok Jin--