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Eunsoo Kim1619
Soolin Kim1311
Beomjin Jin1114
Mohsen Ali1012
Sanghak Oh1011
Yunhee Jang711
Bedeuro Kim77
Minwook Lee69
Jeongyong Park42
Seonhye Park35
Chanjong Lee34
Seunghyun Park33
Wonseok Jin32
Taeyoung Kim 24
Jaek Yun21
Minseo Park21
Yejin Do20
Seungho Kim20
Kiho Lee15
Yurak Choe10
Heewon Baek10
Seyoung Jin10
Chaejin Lim10
Nivedita Singh02
Daehoon Ko00
Jungkon Kim00
Woojin Jeon00


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23.1.3Mohsen AliMinseo Park Time-Print: Authenticating USB Flash Drives with Novel Timing Fingerprints
23.1.10Yurak ChoeChanjong LeeRushmore: securely displaying static and animated images using TrustZone
23.1.17Chaejin LimSanghak OhPhishing URL Detection: A Network-based Approach Robust to Evasion
23.1.31Seungho KimNivedita SinghPrivacy Limitations of Interest-based Advertising on The Web: A Post-mortem Empirical Analysis of Google's FLoC
23.2.7Yejin DoEunsoo KimWatch Out for Race Condition Attacks When Using Android External Storage
23.2.14Seyoung JinSeonhye ParkUsers' Perceptions of Chrome Compromised Credential Notification
23.2.21Eunsoo KimKiho LeeUnderstanding and Detecting Remote Infection on Linux-based IoT Devices
23.2.28Jeongyong ParkNivedita SinghLumos: Identifying and Localizing Diverse Hidden IoT Devices in an Unfamiliar Environment
23.3.21Soolin KimTaeyoung Kim Automating Cookie Consent and GDPR Violation Detection
23.3.28Sanghak OhSeungho KimA Large-scale Investigation into Geodifferences in Mobile Apps
23.4.4Chanjong LeeYurak ChoeHidden in Plain Sight: Exploring Encrypted Channels in Android Apps
23.4.11Seonhye Park-Membership Inference Attacks by Exploiting Loss Trajectory
23.4.18Taeyoung Kim --
23.4.25Bedeuro Kim--
23.5.2Kiho Lee--
23.5.9Beomjin Jin--
23.5.16Nivedita Singh--