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Eunsoo Kim1417
Junsung Cho148
Soolin Kim1110
Beomjin Jin1013
Sanghak Oh99
Mohsen Ali811
Yunhee Jang711
Bedeuro Kim76
Minwook Lee69
Jeongseok Choi61
Gilhee Lee44
Seonhye Park33
Wonseok Jin32
Chanjong Lee32
Seunghyun Park23
Min Jang22
Jeongyong Park21
Kiho Lee12
Jaek Yun11
Taeyoung Kim 11
Yejin Do00
Seungho Kim00
Minseo Park00


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22.3.8Minwook LeeSanghak OhWhy Crypto-detectors Fail: A Systematic Evaluation of Cryptographic Misuse Detection Techniques
22.3.15Bedeuro KimKiho LeeHAWatcher: Semantics-Aware Anomaly Detection for Appified Smart Homes.
22.3.28Eunsoo KimBeomjin JinHelping hands: Measuring the impact of a large threat intelligence sharing community.
22.4.4Soolin KimBeomjin JinAdGraph: A Graph-Based Approach to Ad and Tracker Blocking
22.4.18Sanghak OhSeunghyun ParkET-BERT: A Contextualized Datagram Representation with Pre-training Transformers for Encrypted Traffic Classification
22.4.25Jeongyong ParkSeonhye ParkTime Series Anomaly Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Transfer Learning
22.5.2Bedeuro KimKiho LeeConstrained Concealment Attacks against Reconstruction-based Anomaly Detectors in Industrial Control Systems
22.5.9Kiho LeeBedeuro KimA Lightweight IoT Cryptojacking Detection Mechanism in Heterogeneous Smart Home Networks
22.5.16Chanjong LeeJaek YunDeepReflect: Discovering Malicious Functionality through Binary Reconstruction
22.5.23Seonhye ParkSeunghyun ParkCopy, Right? A Testing Framework for Copyright Protection of Deep Learning Models
22.5.30Seunghyun Park--
22.6.13Jeongyong Park--
22.6.20Taeyoung Kim --
22.6.27Eunsoo Kim--
22.7.4Seungho Kim--
22.7.11Mohsen Ali--
22.7.18Jaek Yun--
22.7.25Minseo Park--
22.8.1Soolin Kim--
22.8.8Yejin Do--
22.8.22Beomjin Jin--